Private classes

I provide one-on-one classes for advanced students or students who wish to learn specific embellishment techniques outside of a workshop environment. Click here to chat with me directly for rates and options. Each one-on-one session is tailored to the specific skill set and needs of the client.

Gift Certificates

Give that creative person in your life an awesome gift of an experience and more skills! Gift certificates of any denomination that can be applied to workshops or private beading/embroidery lessons with me. You’ll get a cute little image you can print out and wrap or put in a stocking. Click here to chat with me about it!

Intro To Couture Embellishment

The first in the series of workshops is Intro to Couture Embellishment. In this class, I introduce you to the foundation of couture beading materials and techniques. Students are given the same materials and tools I use in my business and art pieces. I share my tips and secret techniques developed and honed over 15 years in the industry. We begin with the process of setting up your frame, basic chain stitch, adding beads to the chain stitch and adding sequins to the chain stitch. Each student creates a tulle-backed frond/feather motif and sequin flower appliqué. Each student is also given access to companion videos that go over all techniques taught in class, as well as bonus videos for future projects, including little extra tricks for creating 3D effects with beads and sequins.

While no one will become an expert in five hours, the course sets students up with the techniques and confidence to develop their skills outside of the classroom. Plus The Cotton Factory Christmas Market is happening this same weekend! Stroll through the market before or after class, and munch on delightful treats during the break.

Open to all skill levels. No prior knowledge of sewing required. From total noobs who just want to learn a new craft to established designers looking to add another skill to their repertoire – this class teaches the basics for creating professional-looking embellishments.

Begins at 12pm on Saturday, November 23rd, and runs through until 5pm at Notion Industrial Studio – an awesome production studio run by Rachael and Ashley, in SH-246 of The Cotton Factory, 270 Sherman Avenue North, Hamilton, Ontario.

Material kit includes:
– Snips
– Hoop
– Clamps
– Needle and thread
– Sequins, beads, etc.
– Fabric


Intro to Tambour Beading

There are no current dates for Intro to Tambour Workshops. 

The second in my workshop series builds on the foundational techniques learned in the Intro To Couture Embellishment. Students are provided with tambour hooks and three needle sizes. I take each student through the basics of the tambour embroidery and beading techniques beginning with the chain stitch, and then incorporating seed beads, pearls, bugle beads and both centre-hole and side-hole sequins. Students are also give access to companion videos that support the lessons learned in class so that they can master this technique, as well as the basics of planning and executing designs.

Begins at 12pm, and runs through until 5pm at Make Lemonade, 326 Adelaide Street West, 6th floor. Students encouraged to show up ten minutes early to get settled at their stations. We will munch on General Assembly pizza during the lunch break!

This workshop is specifically designed for students who have already completed the Intro to Couture Embellishment workshop. It builds on and expands the lessons learned in that class. Students are required to bring with them the tools provided in their first workshop, including the hoop, clamps, and snips.

Additional kit materials provided in this workshop:
– tambour hook
– disappearing ink pen
– basic patterns to practice on
– additional beads to work with at home
– fabric

Tickets for the next Tambour workshop will be announced soon.

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My training and education includes Hand&Lock, Central Saint Martins and City&Guilds, as well as beading for designers like Shirley Geek. I am in my ninth year running my eponymous fashion label, working with my clients to create custom gowns. Beading and embroidery are my favourite part of my job, and an art I want to encourage and help foster in Toronto. From hobbyists to designers, I have designed this workshop to provide a solid foundation to teach the basic skills of hand-beading, as well as approaching creating personal designs, so that each student walks away with the tools and knowledge to develop their own style.