Sunshine and Water

The “Storm Cloud” Dress


I never wanted to be a traditional bride, but was marrying into a very traditional family, so the idea of “THE DRESS” was a pretty contentious issue. Breeyn was a lifesaver! I knew vague terms to describe what I wanted, like touchable, edgy, danceable, floufy but light, and she somehow turned that into the perfect dress for my wedding. And everyone was stunned at how affordable it was! The dress she made me was just unique and edgy enough to reflect my personality, but classy and elegant enough to elicit tears of happiness from even the strictest of elderly relatives. And it was totally danceable, and definitely touchable – it was so soft and light, people couldn’t keep their hands off it! It was great quality, too – we had two receptions, months apart, and the dress looked just as good the second time around. Most importantly, it was memorable. Months later people are still gushing to me about my dress. I loved working with Breeyn because she was smart enough to understand what I wanted, and flexible enough to make changes when what I thought I wanted, wasn’t actually what I wanted anymore. And she was kind and patient throughout the whole process. I’ve already sent some of my best friends her way to get their dresses done, I know they’re in great hands!



I’ve known Amanda for years, and she is awesome, and a total badass chick. She chases moose with a camera as a job – she is unassailably rad. I was so excited when she chose me to design her gown; I knew it was going to be super fun. When she described her vision to me, the thing she was most certain of was the colour – she definitely wanted blue. Deep, intense blue. I drew up sketches for her, and she loved the one with all the swirls and texture – lightness and movement! I took her with me to look at some fabrics. I already knew exactly which chiffon was perfect as the main blue, but I thought it would be good to get her input on the accompanying colours. She chose a few lighter blue shades, and some greys – and we started picturing the dress as a storm cloud. I did up some fabric tests, and even did a couple little versions for my Amidala Barbie, just to make sure we were picturing everything well, and we were together on the vision. Amanda wanted the bodice to be off-white, and thought she wasn’t sure how, she hoped we could incorporate gold. I found some great gold and silver ribbon that I spliced into our swirls, and had the ivory chiffon pour down from the bodice into the storminess of the skirt. I found a great golden leather-look trim for a belt that finished the look.