Romantic Roncey Pizza Party


I was referred to Breeyn through a close friend of mine, Katie. I had described my fairytale, whimsical idea of a nontraditional gown to her and she thought that Breeyn would be the perfect fit, having worked with her before!

I started researching Breeyn’s work and immediately fell in love. Literally LOVE!

It was very easy to understand how magical of a woman and designer she was, from the moment we started the process. From the get go working with Breeyn came with such ease,  the ability to just trust her and know that she was creating  something so special. The inspirations for the gown were dreamy pastels, textures, layers of tool and vintage feels.

Who knew that the hardest part of working with Breeyn would be deciding which one out of three sketches would be the one. All three were so delicately designed, so beautiful captured. I knew that this was going to be a fun process!

The gown that I chose was based upon a periwinkle lace that Breeyn had found. It held the vintage feel that I had been drawn to.

Breeyn dream of a florals embellished gown inspired by a blue and lavender painting a friend of hers did sounded like all of the best things. Deep down, after hearing that, I knew that this dress was the one.

Breeyn worked diligently developing the dress through the many stages. Each fitting my trust and the anticipation grew to the big reveal….

It’s hard to describe that day when I met Breeyn to try on the dress. I remember feeling overcome with emotion as this gorgeous gown was more than I ever could have imagined. More dreamy, more whimsical, and just pure perfection to me.

When working with Breeyn it felt that I was trusting someone who had known me for so long.

I was so proud to be wearing her gown. Something made with so much love and dedication.

Looking at the moments leading up to the big day, some of my favourite moments were dropping by on lunches for fittings, listening to her develop it from start to finish, and following her Instagram posts.

The gown holds true to everything that we spoke of. To her. And for me.

Can’t say enough stellar things about this designer. ?


Wedding day photos by Megan Ewing
Painting that appears in the inspiration images: Tisha Myles