Rock n’ Roll Dance Party

Karly on her rock n’ roll dress:

I’ve never been a big dress girl. Sure, I wore dresses, but not all the time and certainly nothing form-fitting. I also wasn’t someone who had been dreaming of or envisioning my perfect dress my whole life, but I knew I wasn’t going to find my perfect dress on the rack.

I had been following Breeyn’s work online, and attended a runway show years before I ever got engaged, but knew when that day came there would be no question that she would create my dress. Like any bride-to-be, I wanted it to scream “Karly”. It needed to be pretty, but not too pretty, and edgy, but not too edgy. I wanted to be a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. I also wanted to have my cake, and to eat it too because wanted two dresses in one. I envisioned a stunning long dress that flowed and moved for my ceremony, and for it to transition to a baller party dress for cocktails and dancing.

Challenge accepted.

At my first meeting with Breeyn, she said something to me that really stuck which was “I need you to know exactly what you want, or trust me completely”, which was great because I didn’t really know what style or cut I wanted, but I trusted her wholeheartedly.

The first thing that hit me is how calm, low-pressure, and honest the first meeting was. We grabbed a few cocktails and just chatted casually as Breeyn fervently took down notes. She walked me through the process and clearly explained to me what to expect and what she needed me to do for my part to help make the process smooth and effortless.

This is basically the part where you tell her all your dirty little secrets; what parts of your body you love and want to accentuate, and which parts could use some extra coverage or support. For me, I was concerned about sweating like a monster during my late-June wedding, which was very helpful for Breeyn as she planned out the material, and the cut around those suspect areas.

After our first meeting, Breeyn suggested I go try on dresses because we couldn’t create this masterpiece together without me truly knowing what worked, what didn’t, what I loved and what I hated. Which was great because the idea I sort of had in my mind turned out to be a hard-pass NO once I tried that style on.

After a few weeks, Breeyn invited me back to go through her three proposed designs. When I arrived to her studio she had bottles of bubbly and cupcakes to celebrate the momentous occasion.  This was when shit got real. This was when I could really visualize my dress, and it was incredibly exciting. We walked through a detailed description of each dress, what it would look like, and what Breeyn’s inspiration was for each approach.  This was probably the most difficult part of the process, because they were all so beautiful and unique in their own way. Breeyn and I walked through my chosen design in detail and collaborated on what things I loved, what I wanted to add, what I’d want to revisit or change.

Throughout the following weeks, Breeyn provided me with material swatches, bead and sequin samples, even the thread that would be used for the detailed beading on my dress. Her attention to detail and complete transparency did not go unnoticed.

I would pop in for a fitting here and there, each time to get a little bit closer to the final product all while ensuring she knew every inch of me, and would “make a dress I’d never want to take off”.

Then, the day came when I actually got to try my dress on, and it was perfect. I had been totally stressed out in the weeks leading up to the wedding so I had dropped a bit of weight and Breeyn was amazing about quickly making some final adjustments and ensuring I’d have extra tools and guidance for any day-of on-the-go fixes.  Which helped to make my special day seamless, and all the more perfect.

From the first meeting, to my final fitting, I felt completely pampered by Breeyn. She was always attentive, completely collaborative, and I could really feel that she truly wanted to make the perfect dress that was unique to me and me alone.  She did create a dress that was so comfortable, and so absolutely bespoke, that I truly didn’t want to take it off.