Midsummer Night’s Dream


I first met Breeyn at one of her shows, during my brief stint in the Fashion circuit. I was instantly struck by the girl’s daring sparkle game and statement earrings.  I knew instantly, that this was someone to watch out for.  She has made me several show-stopping dresses that have always drawn more than a few (hundred) compliments. After saying yes to the ring and the boy, the only other certainty I had was that Breeyn McCarney was making my wedding dress. I didn’t even go to a single dress store, there was no other option in my head. Breeyn or bust.  If I were to summarize my tastes into two people, it would be Tim Burton and Jane Austen. As you can wager, there’s not a lot of creative overlap when trying to theme a wedding. Would it be a haunted castle or a whimsical garden? We were so split that up until the reveal, we had convinced my husband-to-be that I would be rocking a Beetlejuice pants suit. To all that know me, this would not be odd at all. After finding the perfect enchanting overgrown greenhouse for the venue, it was clear that a whimsical Shakespearean themed dress would be the winner.  So with the style chosen, everything should be set, right? WRONG. I also gave Breeyn a laundry list of random things I would like her to take into consideration when designing THE dress.

To illustrate how challenging I was, here is an excerpt of her email, prior to sharing my sketches:

“While designing, I kept in mind your venue, your request for something with lots of layers, flow and movement, empire waist, elegant, open back, interesting neckline, airy, Shakespearean and soft. Details you mentioned liking are embroidery, gold and white, vintage feels, cap sleeves, no bling, subtle shimmer. Also and most importantly, that your dress must be way better than your sister’s.* I came up with four ideas, and I’ll take you through them.”

FOUR! Four stunning concepts. Any one of them would have worked flawlessly, but I instantly fell in love with the Victorian style with the pearl sleeves (pearl is my birthstone). If that wasn’t enough, Breeyn had cleverly found a way to incorporate my ghoulish heart by lining the dress with a Beetlejuice pattern.  Just one of the many thoughtful designs that a Breeyn McCarney dress is known for.

I don’t need to talk about how my husband cried when he saw me in THE dress, how it fit like a dream, twirled like a ribbon and floated like a cloud. Or go into detail on how every person, both at the wedding and seeing photos, gushed about the how stunning and unique the dress was. Well I guess I just did, but I didn’t need to, just look at the pics above.

Breeyn is talent designer that can take your innermost dream and bring it to life with magic and lace.

*My sister’s wedding was 5 weeks after mine, and I may be biased but Breeyn did keep her promise