Haunted Ballroom


Jen’s Haunted Ballroom gown (with hidden skulls):

The first custom made item I got from Breeyn was many years ago. We were roommates – she walked down the hall to my bedroom to take my measurements. Over the next several years I have always just gone to her and said “Uh, I need something for this”, “I need something for work”, “I need something that sparkles.” I always just thought I wasn’t picky, and was easy to please as far as dresses went. I could literally tell Breeyn “I need something sparkly for this New Years party” and she would send me some showstopping masterpiece. I can’t think of a single item from Breeyn I didn’t love immediately and treasure in my closet.

Wedding dress shopping made me realize that I was not so easy to please, and was actually quite picky. Don’t get me wrong, I knew from the moment I got engaged (and probably before that) that Breeyn was going to make my wedding dress, but we ventured out for some ideas and “the experience”, as they say. I always liked one thing about a dress and disliked something else. Working with Breeyn is always a wonderful experience for me. She’s honest, and quite frankly, I think she knows me and my body Better than I do. I can say I want *this vague description* and she sends me a sketch of something magical that I didn’t even know I wanted. She’ll take it upon herself to add quirky details I never would have imagined possible.

After all the back and forth, all the work (on her part, obviously), I finally received my finished dress – ready to try on for the first time*. Despite watching gobs of trashy reality wedding tv (a huge embarrassment, I should state for the record), I never in a million years thought I would cry over my wedding dress.  I figured it was just another fancy dress for a special occasion, but I couldn’t help myself (also an embarrassment I should state for the record).  It was just everything that it ever could have been, and more. Cheesy, I realize, but it was perfect AND I CRIED, OK?

On my wedding day I wore the crap out of that dress and loved every second. I loved the hidden details inside, that nobody got to see expect the ladies who helped get me dressed, and I loved the fine details outside that everyone got to admire. I liked that it fit – literally perfectly. I liked that my friends knew there were skulls crafted into the beading (a quirky art piece to satisfy my weirdness), but my grandmother did not. Mostly I liked that every time someone asked me where I got my marvellous gown, I got to gush about how one of my most cherished friends had created it. I heard more than once something cliche like “you can see the passion and love in every stitch” but I don’t think that fair to Breeyn or her craft. She is genius, and though my bias does believe that my dress is by far the greatest she’s ever created, she puts the same craftsmanship in every stitch – even ones without years of love, history and friendship behind them.


*Jen lives in Calgary – a testament to her trust in me.